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Barney is dealing with several legalities involving his property in cases like this. As a religious friend and attorney of Barney, Let me advise him of his legal rights and obligations concerning his house. Then, Let me remind Barney not to help to make any abrupt decisions prior to asking Our god for assistance. James five: 11 (English Standard Version) states, " Behold, we all consider these blessed who also remained working. You have heard of the steadfastness of Job, and you have seen the purpose of god, how the Head of the family is compassionate and merciful”. The lord wants us to look for his empire first, after which all things will be added in accordance to his riches and glory. Looking at the first issue via a legal point of view, the problem involves a joint tenancy with right of survivorship. According to Segal (1998), " Pursuant to the right, upon death of one of the joint tenants, the eye held by tenant moves to the leftover joint tenants without having to go through probate”. On the other hand; there is one more underlining problem with this property. Opie, Andy son, evidently took a loan out resistant to the interest of his reveal of the real estate and defaulted. The bank is trying to go ahead and foreclose on the real estate.

Prior to this can happen I will guide Barney that he abandoned the property for at least 20 years and other legal actions may happen. However; in respect to Klien (1986), " In joint tenancy, real estate goes to the other owners automatically, no matter what is set by a will”. Creditors can only require repayment from the renter share that is certainly borrowing against the house. Barney property will be protected regardless of Opie's past activities. The second problem with this home is complicated due to Barney's absence in the property.

The adverse possession of real home law might not be in Barney's favor because he left that unattended for over 20 years. According to Drayton (2006), " Within the North Carolina law, an...



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