Cosmological Argument - component a

п»їA) Summarize the key features of the cosmological argument

The cosmological discussion tries to response the question " why is there a world rather than nothing at all? ” While the disagreement draws on knowledge and statement it is man-made posterior and inductive. With the use of inductive thinking, it proposes the need for a great eternal and necessary cause. Drawing by Plato's observation that the universe has to be dependent on a primary mover, which was further more developed by Plato's greatest student Aristotle through his make use of reducto ad absurdum (reducing the debate to absurdity). There is also the Kalam disagreement which attempts to prove that the universe must have a cause. P1: every event has a trigger

P2: the universe can be an event

C: God is definitely the cause of the universe

The various forms of the cosmological debate include 3 of the five ways Aquinas proposes in his book M?ngd Theologica. Aquinas' first method was the discussion of movement, this form from the cosmological discussion sprung in the observation that everything can be acted upon simply by something else. Aquinas argued that there can not be an infinite chain of regression in any other case the world would not always be here, however it is (reducto ad absurdum) and so there has to be a primary valerse. Aquinas advised the primary emocionar is God. P1: nothing can come via nothing

P2: In the event that there wasn't a primary valerse there would be simply no universe (reducto ad absurdum) but we know there is P3: there must be an unmoved primary mover

C: the unmoved valerse is Goodness

The second way of Aquinas may be the causation discussion. This designed from the reality everything contains a cause ensures that there cannot be an unlimited regression of causes, there has to be one important cause that started almost everything. Aquinas says this first cause is usually God. P1: everything includes a cause

P2: nothing could cause itself

P3: without a initially cause there is no future causes although we know this to be fake (reducto ad absurdum) C: God is the first trigger

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