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Given below are set of interview inquiries faced by Planning Engineer, other t han all their personal and Experience. if anyone like to put more u are meet pls.............

Prevalent Interview concerns for Organizing Engineer:

1 ) What is total float?

2 . What are the between cost-free float and total float? 3. Just what constraint?

four. What are the between MS Project and Primavera? a few. How to load cost & resource within a program?

6. What is WBS?

7. What exactly milestone? What are the types of milestone?

8. Exactly what are the difference between flag and milestone activity? 9. What exactly critical activity?

10. What is resource portion and leveling?

11. What is a Baseline Program?

12. Precisely what are BSWS, BSWP, and ACWP?

13. Precisely what are SV and CV?

13. What is a Budget and how will you compare price range against Real cost? 12-15. What is a great S – Curve?

of sixteen. What is the between P3. 1, P3E, and P5 etc .

17. What is an open end activity?

18. When you update your program?

During an interview, seems asked these questions:

-- What is the difference between Maintained Logic & Override Common sense? - What is the difference between Continuous & Interruptible organizing? - What is the number of activities that u monitor & how do u make the bring up to date? - Just how can u measure & compare the improvement?

- Received Value Conditions (very detailed).


Special All

It really is a very good interview tips at the senior/lead advisor level. It really is true for instance a of our good friend explain that it can be bit hard for a new graduate or perhaps e ven a advisor with 4-5 year of experience, besides a very professional. Here the some response that Mister Stephen would not reply in greater detail or might be I could n ot got the point.

four. What are the between MS Project and Primavera? I will reply that the cost & resource management is much better in P3 somewhat the and MS job where as MS project can produced more makeup(good fonts/color/tabbi ng and etc) reports then P3 for presentation.

8. Precisely what are the difference among flag and milestone activity? Mile rock & flags both are events rather then activities. Some customer likes to use flags instead of mile rock due the following differences. 1- With the use of red flags the reasoning of main event can be quickly tracked mainly because these can not be created without precursor as standalone allocating the constraint. Where as mile stone can.

2- Flags should not update manually as P3 automatically update the position where as motorola milestone phone can be update manually.

3- Flags can not be constraint only driven by simply predecessor where as milestone can.

17. What is an open end activity?

The open end activity is a activity that will not have any kind of successor. Normally open end activity is definitely not approved willingly in schedule because the total drift will be compute from the end of the job and these entire actions late dates gather at the conclusion of the job and can not be make a logical overdue sta rt plan.

19. What is the between Stored Logic & Override Logic? I will seriously appreciate you should some one answer these in the interest of others kno wledge

20. What is the between Continuous & Interruptible scheduling? Same as above

twenty two. How do u measure & compare the progress?

I actually measured the Progress in term of EV (Earned values) just like EMH (Earned man-ho urs) which is equivalent to the improvement achieved by the define improvement steps n or every single activity increase with SMH (Standard man-hours)

EMH could be calculated as

EMH= SMH * %age of activity as describe above.

Comparison can be done in various different ways, listar and graphically after having the planned principles from the foundation line system.

24. Once updating an agenda, what key people and systems do you expect to nee d data from? What, if any, analysis of the updated system would you pe rform? Who would you deliver your work to?

Normally all good companies have the monitoring program including the progress br eak down actions agreed...



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