Child Observation two

Ashton Deep

TECA 1354

Doctor Osso Desventurado

04 Apr 2010

Kid Observation Job

I will be noticing a seven-year-old child for my project. What I have discovered from becoming a parent and watching my children as they expand up the sociable emotional, physical and perceptive changes that occur in children between delivery and the end of age of puberty are that they can all progress at person intervals by dependency to increasing individualism. Because these kinds of developmental adjustments may be highly influenced simply by genetic elements and incidents during prenatal life, genes and prenatal development usually are included included in the built in raising a child skills many of us possess. When ever children are born they have zero sense of fear nevertheless quickly create a fear of what exactly perceived hazard. There is a great deal I even now need to learn with out one area I possibly could pin point.

A seven yr old child's physical developments can be characterized by an increase in height in a average of two inches per year. (Potter, 148) Also Aaron would be able to maintain a pen adeptly and print words and words and phrases. (Potter, 148) Children of this age as well start to develop their more permanent pearly whites. Cognitively Aaron should be able to work with symbols to carry out operations in thought rather than in action. (Potter, 148) Relating to Erikson's Psychosocial Model kids on this age will be in the industry vs . inferiority. Kids strive to acquire competence and skills essential for them to function as adults. (Potter, 148) This child that I observed is definitely on target for their age bracket, physically this child with the 90% to get growth. Intellectually they are able to resolve basic concerns without composing them away. Socially and emotionally this child is usually on goal in that they can interact with confidence with other children.

Aaron is a eight years and seven months old. He weighs 54 pounds and it is 55 in . tall. His home life is pretty normal. His mother is usually divorced through the father. In school he is in regular classes and provides...

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