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FTC versus Whole Foods and Wild rolled oats

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FTI graphics professionals can create a broad variety of visual marketing communications devices to back up the a lawsuit team, including: — Exhibit plans and outlines — Beginning statement presentations — Observe presentations — Research demonstrations — Hardboards — SECOND and computer animation 3d software — Fun multimedia — Timelines — Technical and medical designs — Courses FTI Trial Technology specialists lend competence in the court docket and conflict room with: — Best-of-breed courtroom display solutions — Deepest bench of knowledgeable trial technology consultants in the market — TrialMax trial demonstration software FTI Jury consultants offer profound experience creating research to investigate juror perceptions by application of: — Community attitude studies — Focus groups — Mock trial research — Witness preparing — Court selection — Post-trial interviews

The call arrived late on the Friday evening: the Government Trade Commission wanted to prevent the suggested merger of Whole Food and Untamed Oats, as well as the parties would have been to square away in court in less than 2 weeks. What could FTI do to assist? And how quickly could FTI do it? This Monday early morning at almost 8: 30 A. M., FTI communications and technology consultants were sitting across the workplace from business lead counsel Paul Denis of Dechert LLP, reviewing first graphic ideas and recommended courtroom technology requirements. By lunchtime, FTI consultants got already been in court with defendants' advice and participated in an all-counsel strategy session. At the conclusion of the day, FTI's Trial Companies professionals had been fully interested and securely embedded in the trial crew. Over the next seven days, FTI provided continuous communications consulting, graphic design and production, and technology asking to prepare so that was in just about every sense of the term a " guess the company circumstance. ” And this case, the defendant corporations...



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