case study 301

JOB B, Case Study;

You are a social proper care worker and a service user, Hannah, informs you that she's unhappy currently taking her new medication. Your woman thinks the lady does not need it and so she is throwing that away. You know from her care strategy that Hannah does need for taking the medication regularly and gets puzzled. Hannah begs you to continue to keep this confidential and not tell anyone specifically her little girl, who the lady sees on a regular basis, as her daughter will be very angry.

Bi) How will you explain the word " confidentiality” to Hannah?

It really is Hannah's directly to make decisions for their self and to select whether to take her medicine or not really. From the data given it appears Hannah's decision not to take her medicine could be bad for her wellness, Because of this Hannah maybe at risk of harm, and therefore I will ought to pass on the information to my personal manager to ensure Hannah's well-being. It is however Hannah's choice who have she selects to share her personal information with, I would make sure Hannah understands that I would not disclose anything at all she had told me to her daughter, since she had wished myself not too. I would then simply go on to explain to Hannah, that even though her girl did not need to find out of her decision never to take her medication , I would personally need to share the information with my administrator, this would allow my director to make sure that her decision to not take her medication was the best thing to do, and if not, might be done to support her to feel better about choosing her medication. I would make sure Hannah that any information she chose to share with myself additional staff members or perhaps my supervisor, would continually be treated together with the up many confidentiality, and would just ever end up being shared with individuals who needed to understand so as they could keep her safe and well, and later ever with others, in the event that she experienced given her permission for people to do so.

Bii) Describe the possible stress that may happen between informing others of...



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