Case Questions



1 . Where are the bottlenecks in IOCO's operation?

2 . How should IOCO deploy it is shovels?

3. Should IOCO stockpile ore? When? How much?

Case: Dynatrol Corporation: Andover Assembly Division


1 . Precisely what are the most vital problems dealing with Jan Havel at the Andover Assembly Grow? 2 . What sequence of actions will you recommend to cope with them? three or more. How difficult will it be to " sell" your actions to Murphy, DesMaisons and Selfridge? What would you do to gain their agreement and full support? Note: The case is in your 3304 casebook, not the Klassen and Menor case text

Case: Manzana Insurance - Fruitvale Branch (Abridged)


1 ) How is a Fruitvale branch doing?

installment payments on your What are the main reasons for their difficulties?

3. What is your analysis of the backlog and transformation calculations in Exhibit 3?

4. In the event that you where Bill Pippin, what might you do?

Note: This case is your 3304 casebook, not the Klassen and Minimo case text

Case: Incartade MRI


1 . What is their analysis in the cause of the latest backlog? installment payments on your Where is a bottleneck along the way?

3. As Dave Wright and/or Kevin Saskiw, what would you suggest?


Incartade MRI, Inc. was a small , but developing, international service provider specializing in various medical technologies including MRI. Quinte MRI's founder, Dr . Syed Haider firmly believed that the occupants of smaller sized communities deserved the same standard of health companies as the residents with the larger city centers. Haider's first make an attempt to establish a center such as this was unsuccessful because of Canadian rules prohibiting private-sector MRI. MRI had become ever more popular, by 2001 there were 18 million MRI procedures performed in the United States. Dr . Syed Haider have equiped David Wright and Kevin Saskiw to cope with this problem associated with the MRI facility in support of...



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