Business Integrity in Respect of Bangladesh

Business ethics in Bangladesh

Course Name: Managing Organization

Program No: Farrenheit 505

Organization ethics:

Cultural responsibility requires individuals participating in business efforts to respond in an honest manner. Integrity are rules of tendencies that distinguish between right and wrong. Ethical conduct conforms to what an organization or contemporary society as a whole thinks right habit. People doing work in business often face honest questions. Organization ethics is definitely the evaluation of business actions and tendencies as right or wrong. Ethical standards in business are based on commonly approved principles of behavior structured on the targets of world, the company, the market, and could be personal beliefs.

Most business leaders realize their organizations cannot succeed without the trust of customers and the goodwill of society. A violation of ethics makes trust and goodwill hard to maintain. In thousands of businesses, executives and employees action according to the maximum ethical standards. Unfortunately managers in some companies behave immorally, and these instances are often highly advertised. Personnel executive say the significant reason managers behave immorally is to obtain power and money.

Organization Ethics- Practice in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, though practice of Organization ethics remains to be not so commendable in public sector and small companies, although business integrity has been an increasing concern amongst larger companies, in least considering that the 1990s. Major corporations more and more fear destruction to their photo associated with press revelations of unethical methods. The following advice about the functions relating ethics and social responsibility of a respected company of our country will give a brief idea about the practice of Business Values in Bangladesh:

Unilever Bangladesh Limited

Over the last four years, Unilever Bangladesh has been frequently bringing new and world class products...



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