British Intonation


|Introduction |3 | |1 Timbre |4 | |1. 1 English intonation |4 | |1. two Intonation with the sentence |6 | |1. 3 Melodic of The english language |7 | |2 Expression features of word in English and Russian |14 | |2. one particular The main top features of the phrase in Russian |14 | |2. 2 Comparison evaluation of phrase intonation in English and Russian based upon material of oral speech |15 | |Conclusion |24 | |References |25


In just about any language, intonation is used pertaining to exterior type of the word. With the help of intonation our audience understand whether the sentence story, question, ask for or ejaculation. For example , the sentence " It is nice today" may be the statement, inquiries and exclamations, depending on the expression with which sentence in your essay was pronounced. Intonation also expresses the emotions: surprise, anger, happiness, frustration, etc . Each terminology has its own special characteristic of his tone noticeably different from the expression of different languages. In English, intonation is particularly significant because there highly expressed the analytical characteristics of the language. In the synthetic language the relations among words aren't expressed by the endings, similar to the Russian language, good results . the help of auxiliary words: prepositions, articles, additional verbs, and through intonation. The ingredient elements of expression are:

- melodic voice, which is applied by elevating or lowering rates inside the phrase (compare the pronunciation of story and interrogative sentences); −- rhythm of speech, shifting of stressed and unstressed syllables; −- rate, quickness or slowing of conversation and pauses between conversation segments (compare speech postponed, and this rapidly); −- timbre, sound coloration, providing to talk some psychologically expressive tones (tone " gay, " " lively, " " gloomy, " etc . ); −- term and rational stress, function as a means of allocation of separate words in a sentence. Long paragraphs are divided into separate semantic groups that depend on the typical meaning of the sentence, their grammatical composition and style of speech. The theme is pertinent because timbre is made up of a lot of components: 1) the fundamental regularity of voice (high altitude or the melodic component), 2) intensity (dynamic component), 3) duration or perhaps tempo (temporal, temporal component), 4) temporarily halt; 5) timbre. All pieces of intonation, aside from a temporarily stop, always present in the utterance, because no element of it might be pronounced with no pitch with the voice, etc . Therefore , every components of intonation are working closely together. You are able to, however , firstly, to establish a specific hierarchy of those, and second of all, there is evidence of a certain label of functions together. Hypothesis: the work on expression plays a crucial role as a bridge in one system of verbal activity. Through the...

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