Beyoud The Sex

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Ian Peterkin

Esther/ Peiqi Zhu


Beyond the Sexuality

Inside the movie " Young & Beautiful”, it tells us a story about how a 17-year-old woman named Isabelle became a prostitute, and just how did your woman get out of it. It happened in Isabelle's 18, because 18 is a particular age for us. When we are 18, we are keen and full of novelty. We would like to get out of control from our father and mother; we want to turn into mature rapidly; we be ready to leave the teenage globe and become a grownup; we eat the forbidden fruit on the sly; all of us attempt to check out who our company is, and the actual world is usually. But ultimately, all of us will find the answer, though some of us may take a detour.

In the film, Isabelle could be a prostitute and lives in a secret existence. Once one of her consumer John died when he was having sex with her, and her task was encountered with the police and her father and mother. When the lady went to the psychologist, the psychologist concerns why the girl wanted to do the job. Indeed, every audience can be curious about that. Why? Her family is not poor, and her mother gave her enough money to support her school your life. She doesn't buy recreation, and the girl just saved all the money she gained in the closet. Then why, why will she still do this grubby job? Nevertheless Isabelle replied, " It was simpler, clearer”. Apparently, it can be simple. The old rich guys with lots of funds want to have love-making with youthful beautiful woman. The purpose is undisguised and straight. It shouldn't need virtually any word, assure or flatter. And she charged the money to assess the worth of herself. It appears like she is discovering something. She's discovering her sexuality, plus the relationship among male and feminine. She is desperate to know almost everything about the complex globe.

However , for what reason did your woman choose this sort of a way? I do believe it is relevant to her family and her the child years. Maybe it is just a compensation for her natural father. So the girl with more interested in the sexuality and take pleasure in. Her parents took aside when your woman was young. Though her stepfather is very kind, your woman still...



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