Benihana: Cafe and Excellent Grade Beef

Procedure Flow:

Benihana provides a very effective process flow since it has the capacity to turnover guests on an normal of about 1 hour excluding club time. This is attributed to the success of employing the hibachi design cooking and seating. The meals is ready right ahead of the guest which is served right to them which usually also helps to further improve quality, since there is no lack time between the cook preparing the foodstuff and the delivery of the meals to the customer.

Another interesting fact that I needed to discuss is the way that they procure their particular meat. The USDA Perfect Grade meats is trimmed in house in line with the case study. I understand that this may be done to make sure that a little body fat is kept on the beef for the chef to lop off at the stand, but I actually wonder what would be the rewards or cons to having the meat clipping outsourced to possible the cause where that they obtain the meat? They would have specification to the meat people that they would like some excess fat on the meats. By outsourcing this process, they could save commitment of their staff and they would be able to focus more of their attention on the customer's satisfaction.

Site Selection:

-I like the criteria that the Benihana position should be in a high visitors area particularly in a business zones where they can draw a big lunch group. One trend that I i am seeing nowadays is that a whole lot of new eating places, especially in the suburbs, are staying built in what I can only call ‘restaurant parks'. This is an area of area that is exclusively dedicated for the use of several high scale restaurants. These areas not only appeal to high traffic, but they appeal to hungry customers that are offering high prices for good food and services. These ‘restaurant parks' may be a good establishing for a Benihana, since they provide an interactive and unique cusine experience.




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