Belonging - Stricly Ballroom

Belonging relates to personal and interpersonal identity that may involve experience, relationships and also attitudes and values. There are plenty of concepts of belonging displayed in the film Strictly Ballroom, directed by simply Baz Luhrmannn; one of them is the fact attitudes toward belonging change over time. This can be shown through many of the characters, mainly through Scott and Fran. Their very own attitudes toward belonging change as a result of the guidelines and restrictions of the ballroom federation. Inside the children's photo book A little Company authored by --- and illustrated simply by – explores the idea that could be sense of belonging is either helped or hindered by way of a family and friends. Christopher's mother is very busy with her triplets, that she's ignoring Captain christopher resulting in him feeling unimportant and omitted. In the aesthetic image The Arrival from Shaun Color reveals that migrants often feel a loss of identification and a reduction in belonging. The film totally Ballroom directed by Baz Luhrmann shows that it takes wonderful courage intended for an individual to get true to their particular natural personal and id. Scott lives in a world of fierce pressure and competition, where to succeed he must stick to the rules more, such as Craig Fife. This can be a world in which individuality and creativity are surrendered inside the desire to succeed. Barry Fife is an important persona as he is the ‘force' in back of the federation of ballroom dancing. In one scene, Craig is lighted from at the rear of and his face is in darkness to heighten the concept he is a sinister figure. When Barry says 'win' the camera slams in to the close-up of his mouth. We get a feeling of Barry's overall power in the world of ballroom, associated with the importance of winning to him while others in his universe. Liz has left Scott and they are will no longer dance lovers. Liz says " Now i'm not dance with you, until you party like your imagine to! ” this shows how constricting the rules of competitive ballroom dancing are and how powerful the will to win is made for...



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