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The Current Australian flag is in need of a big change because it leaves certain elements out which can be crucial to the Australian Personality. The current flag represents a blue marine which symbolises Australia since an island. The initial component is a Union Jack port, illustrating the hyperlink with Britain being the mother property. The second factor is the Southern Cross, representing Australia because the constellation can only be seen from the southern hemisphere and is a reminder of Australia's geography. The Commonwealth Legend represents Australia's federal later, in 1901,. The Aussie flag is becoming outdated since it is missing crucial elements that represent both Aboriginals and Australian persons. The flag should signify more accurate portrayal of Australia's people, culture and terrain. The proposed design intended for the new flag includes Primitive and Torres Strait Islander Flags, Southern Cross, Union Jack and a kangaroo which have been designed because I really believe it signifies the modern day time Australian Personality and the traditional custodians of our land. Firstly, the Primitive flag has been included in the new design because it symbolises unity and national personality for the Aboriginal persons and providing them with land rights. Aboriginal people are a huge part of Australia's lifestyle because they are the original people of the terrain and have been right here since historical time. The colours within the Aboriginal banner red, black and yellow stand for Aboriginal people of Down under (black)

The red globe, the reddish colored ochre and a spiritual relation to the land (red) The sun, the giver of life and protector (yellow).

Secondly, Torres Strait Islanders come from the island destinations of the Torres Strait that separates the Australian mainland at Cape York from Papua Fresh Guinea. Torres Straits happen to be one of Australia's Aboriginals. The Torres Strait become a part of Queensland by parliament in 1879. The conventional people of Torres Strait are of Melanesian beginning and have filled the islands for many...



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