job 208

Assignment 208 Job A

Planning an Trip

Examples of accidents/illness that might take place

Service might slip when you are aiding them to the toilet. Services user might have a heart attack or possibly a stroke.

Service end user may choke if not really given right food.

Support user might have panic or anxiety attack due to worries.

The procedure to follow along with if an crash or condition is to happen You may need to measure the situation, hardly ever rush while this could lead to bad manual handling. Look into the area around you is safe, and if not take out all dangers. Only administer emergency first aid if you are taught to do so. Get help to allow them to phone emergency services or if exclusively call yourself but be sure to know the specifics before you call. Be sure you report almost everything as soon as possible. Ensure you clean and sanitise the area in the event that any chaos was left behind. Principles of Safe Going and Handling

Always examine a service users care plan and follow health and basic safety act. Under no circumstances lift service user physically, assess the services user to verify if any changes have been manufactured that may alter their needs. Strategy the task just before you possibly start to move service customer and make sure you let them understand at all times everything you are doing and get there consent. Make sure you have the correct gear for the job and that that meets the needs with the service consumer. Check for any hazards and be sure handling region is clear of any interferences. Give very clear instructions to colleague's/service consumer as to who is taking the business lead in the moving process because helps any confusion to care workers/assistants and service user. If perhaps service user needs a great assisted stand/lift make sure correct posture, feet apart in direction of the movement, elbows nearby the body, work with your body weight to move support user curved from the knees and not the back. An explanation of why it is critical to follow the proper care plan and communicate with every person when supporting and moving If you are a assistant in a treatment setting it can be important to adhere to...



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