Murder of Franz Ferdinand

‘The killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the most crucial cause in the outbreak of WW1. What lengths do you agree? '

There have been many reasons behind the 1st World Conflict. In this essay I was trying to see how much impact the killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand had in the run up to war. In June the 28th 1914, Gavirilo Princip along with two different students residing in Serbia were waiting in the crowd, watching Franz Ferdinand, who was to be the future leader of Austria-Hungary. One of the students threw a bomb, which was then deflected by Franz Ferdinand. That they rushed for the town lounge and cancelled their visit. When they were about to keep, their conducteur accidentally got a wrong turn and by possibility Gavirilio Princip was on that road with a pistol, and shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the throat fantastic wife Sophie in the stomach. The conducteur drove them to the Bosnian Governors' house where that they suspected a health care provider would be, nevertheless they died right after they had appeared. The assassination then started Austria-Hungary to a war against Serbia. Austria-Hungary gave Serbia an undesirable ultimatum, seeking Serbia for this on getting rid of anti Austria-Hungary groups, like the Black Hands. King Philip agreed with this, nevertheless the ultimatum also asked these to allow Austria-Hungarian investigators to supervise Serbia, which King Peter declined as it will put an end to Serbia's independence. When Austria-Hungary received King Peter's reply, they will decided to start shelling Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, that was near the line. Russia after that got engaged and started out mobilizing all their army, as they had opted for back Serbia. Russia planned to go for a battle against Austria-Hungary too mainly because then they can have a port on the Mediterranean, meaning that their very own navy wasn't able to be bottled up in the Black Sea. Russia mobilizing then started Germany to deliver an commandement to The ussr, telling them to step down. When Tsar Nicholas, the ruler of Russia, refused, Germany...



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