Essay of Disaster

Topic. How to apply devastation management plan into Cambodia?

Disaster management is a procedure or strategy that is implemented before, during or after any kind of catastrophic celebration takes place. Today, Cambodia does not have a law in disaster supervision yet, which can be an essentially to cope with normal disaster. To assist deal with potential disasters in the future, I think which the National Committee for Devastation Management and together with various other relevant corporations should be set up the devastation management routine to Cambodia which is helpful to counter- devastation impact. Even our nation affect a little from normal disaster. There are four important parts to disaster management cycle such as prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. Only a few catastrophes could be prevented, several types may be avoided, and the effects of other folks can be mitigated. Firstly, avoidance is first stage to deal with devastation occur because Pre-disaster actions are taken up reduce individual and property losses caused by a potential threat. For example , building the dam or levee to control overflow water, therefore it less effect to people, building or livestock and so on. Second of all, during the preparedness phase, government authorities, organizations, and individuals must developed ideas in order to save lives, minimize tragedy damage, and enhance disaster response functions. Preparedness measures include preparedness plans; emergency exercises or perhaps training; caution systems; urgent communications devices and so on. Therefore our country should have this sort of program. Thirdly, these actions will take place during disaster took place. Response stage aim to offer immediate assist with maintain existence, improve wellness, search and rescue subjects. So the authorities plays the key role to handle this situation.

Finally, recovery program is going on after devastation impact. This kind of phase include vary actions such as treatment, reconstruction, repair and recovery measure are both long...



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