Androids versus Iphones

Selena Velazquez

Professor Marek

SEC 76


Androids versus iPhones

You walk straight down any typical hallway, office building, school, or perhaps restaurant and guaranteed there will be at least one person glued to their cellphone. The society that consumers of this 10 years have advanced in is quite definitely depending on technology whether it be tablets, mobile phones or portable gaming units we count a little too very much on technology. What seems to be the biggest difference in the world of cell phone devices is between which is better the iPhone or perhaps Android phone? There are plenty of differences and similarities between two which include screen size, hands-free features and making wearisome tasks less difficult for users. In the world of technology there is a very famous term known to many and that is Sam Jobbs, originator of Apple products and multimillionaire. An article through the Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, says the success of the Apple mackintosh. The Apple Computer Business is arguably probably the most innovative technology companies to emerge in the last three decades. Apple, Inc. is in charge of bringing to market such products as the Macintosh laptop and laptop, iPod and iTunes, and the most recently, the iPhone. The achievements of the company can be traced primarily to a one individual--founder, Steven Jobs. Careers and his good friend, Steve Wozniak founded and built Apple into a 32 billion buck company. The organization enjoyed much success during the past ten years with its inventory price striking a high of $200 in 2007. (Finkle 31)

Additionally the Android vs . iPhone debate will be around as long as both companies opt to come out with even more products. The Android is actually a product with the Google family members created only to prevent Apple from overtaking the mobile device globe. An article from eWeek details the real cause Android was developed and how successful they have turn into. " Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) said the Android Market software store surpassed 10 billion dollars...

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