Achievements of the Millennium Development Goals (Mdgs) pertaining to Education in Ethiopia

Achievements OF THE Millennium Development Desired goals (MDGs) pertaining to education in ethiopia



A senier ESSAY PUBLISHED in part fulfillment from the requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree in public administration and development Management

Office of Open public Administration and Development administration

Faculty of business and economics

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

JUNE 2008


I want to express my own deep admiration for my mother and father for encouragement and financial support. My genuine gratitude goes toward my advisor Ato Berhanu Temesgen, that has provided me personally with his significant suggestions and comments which is why I are most happy. Finally, I would really like to appreciate Hanna Negussie and Stream Tilahun for positive remarks and support.

Abiy Negussie

Chapter a single: Introduction

1 Background from the study

Education makes people even more receptive to modify and development. It is an instrument used to produce skilled manpower which is the driving force in back of any development endeavor. The development of human resources has become recognized as one of the major challenges which might be facing the developing countries in the process of achieving monetary and cultural development. This challenge can only end up being alleviated through improvements and expansion of education. It plays the role in enhancing economical progress, bettering individual well being and cultural development. In recognition of the multidimensional rewards, governments, worldwide community and development firms have located increasingly large attention on education. Regarding this the Centuries Development Goals (MDGs) takes on an important position in addressing this problem simply by including that as its primary objective to alleviate from its lawn root level.

The Millennium Expansion Goals (MDGs) are a culmination of many consultations which were made since the mid-1990s upon several international forums regarding global low income and human being deprivation. At the occasion in the Millennium Summit, in Sept 2000, 147 heads of State and Government and 191 countries including Ethiopia adopted the Millennium Declaration. The Statement has mainstreamed a set of inter-connected and mutually reinforcing creation goals and targets to a global schedule. Most of the goals set by the Millennium Statement were not new. They have been created from the global meetings of the nineties and in the body of international conventions that have been codified over the past half-century.

The MDGs will be goals with the general objectives of the plan where to enhance sustained monetary growth particularly in the expanding countries, assure a standard of living and facilitate the process of narrowing the gap between your developed as well as the developing countries. They are a couple of time-bound and measurable goals and goals designed to decrease poverty, food cravings, disease, illiteracy, environmental damage and elegance against girls.  They certainly are a unique method to these life problems – they confer obligations upon both rich and poor governments, although place a heavy burden on rich countries in terms of financial and materials provision. Listed here are MDGs goals which are to be reached in 2015

Objective 1 . Reduce the level of low income and food cravings

Goal installment payments on your Achieve full primary education coverage

Aim 3. Enhance gender equal rights and empower women

Objective 4. Decrease child mortality

Goal 5. Improve Mother's Health

Goal 6. Fight Malaria, Tubercluosis, HIV/AIDS and Others

Goal 7. Enshur Enviromental Sustanibility

Objective 8. Grow a global relationship for development

Two of the MDGs are related to education, namely Goal two of achieving universal main education and Goal three or more of advertising gender equal rights and empower women as it concerns the elimination of gender variation in...



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