An extremely old man with enormous wings Plot Record

Creator: Gabriel García Márquez

Title: An extremely old man with enormous wings

Genre: The genre of the short history is Magic Realism, due to the outlandish personas. Theme: The themes expressed in this history are a distinction between cruelty and consideration. We see just how human nature is definitely when found with some thing or an individual extraordinary and weird. The individuals of the history treat the old man as if he had been some carnival show, and degrade him. On the other side you observe how all that subsides if he is no longer bullied and teased and finally cared for in a more fairer way when ever Pelayo wonderful wife provides him protection and conditions. Narrator's Point of View: The story is usually narrated coming from a third person point of view. Environment: The establishing of the account is mostly in the courtyard of Pelayo and Elisenda's property near the ocean. Conflicts: The primary conflict from the story is definitely Man vs . Man. The old man can be confronted with the individuals community ridiculing and degrading him like if he was some sort of festival act. Characters:

The Old Man: Gets to Pelayo and Elisenda's real estate disheveled and covered in mud. He astounds them with his substantial and peculiar wings. He can considered as an " Angel” and considered to be Norwegian sailor man because of his strange vernacular.

Pelayo: Is definitely the husband of Elisenda and found the old man lying in his yard. He could be considerate intended for the old man as he defends him from the crowd. He is convinced that the old guy is not an angel but a Norwegian sailor due to his unusual dialect.

Elisenda: Is the better half of Pelayo and mother of a sick and tired child. She is somewhat kind yet money grubbing as she starts benefiting of the old man strange circumstances. Father Gonzaga: Is the Priest of the community. He is interested by the old man and attempts to prove while using church if perhaps he really is an angel.

The Child: Is usually Pelayo's and Elisenda's newborn baby who is very ill until the arrival of the old man. Inside the story the man and the child were ill simultaneously. Spider-Girl: Is the...



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