A Comparative Examination of the Food Chains: Complete Foods Marketplace and Kroger Co.

A Comparative Research of the Food Chains: Complete Foods Marketplace and Kroger Co. Liz Broxton

Sharon Neely

Joyce White

Columbia College


The purpose of this paper is usually to conduct a comparative research of two grocery stores, Whole Food Market and Kroger Company. Research material obtained from every single company will allow judgments to become made regarding potential expenditure decisions. This study will focus on economical statements like the income statements, balance bedding and funds flows from each firm over the past three years that enable investors the needed insight about a business performance. Moreover to these areas, we will be taking a look at opportunities, and trends in the market which have been also within making powerful investment decision. The structure through which each firm operates and the products and assistance each provide will also help us be familiar with ways every single company is definitely strong and where we may find weak points. By contrasting SWOT evaluation, key proportions and economical data the conclusion will determine which of the two organizations provide the best chances for investors.

A Relative Analysis with the Grocery Organizations: Whole Foods Market and Kroger Co. Brief background

Whole Food Market began operations during 1980 in austin tx Texas and experienced speedy growth as a grocer featuring high quality organic and natural food products. They are currently the leader within this market as the potential markets will be receptive to the healthy options that they give. In addition to the procedures held inside the United States Whole Foods in addition has expanded in the UK and Canada and acquired additional natural grocers such as Outrageous Oats as well as the Bread of Life.

Kroger incorporated in 1902 and many the business name supplies some reference to a supermarket, however they likewise operate different large stores such as Metropolis Market, Dillon's, Jay C, Food four Less, James Meyer, Fry's, King Soopers, QFC, Ralphs and Smith'. " Of the stores, 1, 014 have got fuel centers, 784 convenience stores and 361 fine jewelry retailers. Kroger operates 40 manufacturing plants, primarily bakeries and dairies, which source approximately forty percent of the corporate brand products sold in price tag outlets”. (AnnualReports. com, 2010, p. 11) Income Affirmation

Investors study key elements about an organizations overall performance. First, they need to look at areas that display organizations potential for growth and any personal debt obligations. Additionally an investor will see interest in the ways that the business manages their cash runs, also potential investor that are looking to buy share want to learn what a firm is worth regarding shareholders equity. " Learning to analyze earnings statement is usually fundamental to smart investing. The annual rent statement may be the evaluation in the company's monetary dealings, and can be used to help determine if it might be a worthwhile investment” (Young). For most an organizations net income might simply indicate a profit, which would infer a good investment potential however , the corporation must also have the ability for continued product sales growth to viewed as an affordable investment option. For the purpose of this paper, we will look at the financial information obtained from Kroger and Whole Food Markets. Kroger


Kroger's profit margins intended for 2009 through 2011 were 0. 09%, 1 . 36%, and. 67% respectively. Their very own returns in assets had been. 30%, 4. 83%, and 2 . 56% and return on fairness for 2009 through 2011 was 1 ) 33%, 22. 66 % and 11. 36%. Kroger provides an justification for the fluctuations this year within the annual statement and states that: Net earnings totaled $1. one particular billion this year, $70 , 000, 000 in 2009 and $1. a couple of billion in 2008. The web earnings for 2010 include a non-cash goodwill disability charge totaling $12 , 000, 000, after-tax, associated with a small number of shops. The net income for 2009 include noncash asset disability charges totaling $1. 05 billion,...

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