Argumentative essay topics: let’s cycle through their rich variety

Argumentative essay topics collected by us will help you to better prepare for completing your academic task. Pick any of them and write.

Argumentative essay topics: a really good choice

Well, you haven’t spent much time in your English classeshandling argumentative tasks. Now you’re facing a nasty necessityto select something worthy from a huge abundance of argumentativeessays topics.

Notwithstanding the choice available to you suggests access tomany good themes, you’re stuck unaware of what to do. As manylearners, you also tend to find any topic not good enough,overdone or too stereotyped.

However, the only thing you need to do is to relax and spot atheme you’re actually passionate about and, certainly, one whichis debatable.

Why should you select a debatable argumentative topic?

Certainly, it would be more convenient for anybody to compose apaper on something people mostly agree on, but this approach canhardly fit an argumentative essay. In this case one should choosefrom exactly argumentative essay topics. You require a bunch ofopposing points you could debunk with your own ones. Fortunately,the world doesn’t turn to be black and white – it features a richvariety of gray areas. It’s very good and it means that yourchoice of worthy topics is rich enough.

We’ve just collected enough topics of many kinds, so you couldconveniently choose from. To facilitate your choice we’veseparated the themes into several categories. Feel free to chooseany of them for your inspiration.

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Legal topics

Themes about legal for an argumentative essay happen to be anextremely popular choice. They often come with laws you’d like tostrictly assess, modify or even completely abolish. Such topicsusually discuss negative aspects or benefits of currentlyexisting regulations.

When dealing with legal topics you don’t require being very smartas an author. Nevertheless, get ready to conduct a sort ofresearch on what the actual laws tell about your newly-chosentheme. Now let’s enumerate legal topics:

  • Is today’s drinking age optimal (perhaps it makes sense toincrease, lower or leave it intact)?
  • Prostitution should be legalized, shouldn’t it?
  • Humans should forbid nuclear weapons worldwide, shouldn’tthey?
  • Cigarettes along with other tobacco stuff should be banned,shouldn’t they?
  • Can the obvious benefits of medical marijuana fully justifyits legality?
  • Corporations should acquire personhood, shouldn’t they?
  • The USA should impose tougher restrictions on gun use andownership, shouldn’t it?
  • At what age should females gain access to birth controlwithout the official consent of their parents?
  • Sugary drinks, including sodas definitely require an addedtax, don’t they?
  • Handsets shouldn’t be used when driving, should they?
  • In what situations, a female may opt for an abortion?
  • Is it morally right to have juveniles sentenced to life inprison?
  • Restaurants need to unveil calories on all their menu items,don’t they?
  • Outlawing various controlled substances generates a greaterblack market, doesn’t it?

Moral argumentative essay topics

These themes are perhaps one of the easiest to deal with. Theycover a huge array of moral dilemmas ranging from the deathpenalty to banal animal testing.

Of course, these themes are very debatable. It’s because humanshave different views, and justifications for those views – onwhat these guys think is wrong or right.

When talking about animal or human rights, it might be somethingyou’re really passionate about. Therefore, it’s so tempting foryou to let yourself be overwhelmed with emotions. Perhaps, it’snot bad to be a passionate personality, but an argumentativeessay requires you to keep your thoughts organized enough. Theseare moral themes to choose from:

  • Scientists can’t do without animal testing, can they?
  • Nude images should be exhibited in museums open to anyone,shouldn’t they?
  • Should we buy goods from countries exploiting child labor?
  • Atheists outperform theists in terms of morale, don’t they?
  • Freedom of speech justifies the use of hate speech, doesn’tit?
  • So-called pre-employment drug tests violate personal privacyrights, don’t they?
  • Businesses as well as educational institutions should rollout more incentives for folks to do volunteer work, shouldn’tthey?
  • Cameras in public places violate our privacy, don’t they?
  • Dreamers should be officially permitted to stay in the US,shouldn’t they?
  • Folks, committing disgusting crimes should face the deathpenalty, shouldn’t they?
  • Patients should be provided with the right to pass away viaso-called physician-assisted suicide, shouldn’t they?
  • Teens should be permitted to have cosmetic surgery, shouldn’tthey?
  • Employees should be permitted to have visible tattoos intheir workplace, shouldn’t they?
  • Children’s beauty pageants require a ban, don’t they?
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Social themes

Social argumentative essay topics traditionally have much commonwith moral as well as legal ones. However, such themes deal moreabout how humans act within society and also what kinds ofpressures human society puts on humans.

It’s an extremely broad category. In this case, there are a greatnumber of themes to choose from, while the number you canpotentially make by yourself is enormous too. If you really getstuck on which theme to unroll, it makes sense to considersomething, which personally affects you or somebody close to you.It should make writing about that theme flow more naturally. Justdon’t forget to strongly rely on facts, while skipping personalanecdotes. It’s due to the fact anecdotes better suit thenarrative essay realm.

You shouldn’t forget that even though you might be depictinganything, affecting you personally, the argument in your papershouldn’t be the very place for the first person opinion. Thevast majority of argumentative research papers suggest the use ofthe third person.

Media and advertising argumentative essay topics

The media along with advertising have already become almostinseparable from society in general. Papers composed on thesethemes can cover various angles.

For example, you are free to explore how media actually affectssociety. However, you can also ponder over what needs to beofficially allowed to be watched or heard via ads and media.Moreover, it’s very easy to obtain inspiration to generate yourown media or advertising essay themes. For this purpose you onlyrequire turning on your television without changing the channelwhen advertisements emerge. Don’t forget about the World WideWeb, literally stuffed with debatable materials.

  • Sex should be welcomed on prime time TV, shouldn’t it?
  • Advertising in educational institutions is acceptable forcompanies, isn’t it?
  • Public service announcements happened to be efficient, don’tthey?
  • Such reality shows as Teen Mom greatly contribute toglorifying teen pregnancy, don’t they?
  • Print advertising turns to be fully obsolete, doesn’t it?
  • Films and TV shows lack diversity, don’t they?
  • Reporters are bound to uncover as much as possible, aren’tthey?
  • The media generates unrealistic expectations of marriage andrelationships, doesn’t’ it?
  • Photos affect self-esteem, don’t they?
  • Side effects and also warnings lack clarity inadvertisements, don’t they?
  • In what situations should advertisements for tobacco andalcohol products be permitted?
  • Do the media try to create hype to scare or influence thepublic?
  • Should news shows discuss celebrities?
  • Where should the line be drawn for violence on television?

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